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As a pensioner, I am so lucky to be able to enjoy my retirement in Ebeltoft with my husband Arne. Ebeltoft is the town of my childhood and is one of the most beautiful places in Denmark. Although I have lived elsewhere for more than 30 years, I have always felt a special connection to this nice, old town and the beautiful area.

Since we live on the outskirts of the town, we have nature up close. We have deer, squirrels, hedgehogs, and foxes inside and around our garden. We have 25 - 30 different bird species that we feed and enjoy all year round and we have a small garden pool for the birds, lots of frogs, salamanders and once in a while also a grass snake.

The beach is close, although we cannot see the sea from the house. To one side there is 1½ km to a beautiful cove called Ebeltoft Vig and the blue waves of the Kattegat we can find only 3 km to the other side.

It is great to be here all year round. In the summertime the tourists are coming. They want to see the many sights of the town and the area around it or enjoy our beautiful beaches. It is nice to take a walk in the town or sit on a bench and enjoy an ice cream while the holiday people in shorts and beach dresses swarm around and speak many different languages. Along the narrow, paved Adelgade and in the squares, street musicians and inventive street vendors try to earn an extra penny. There are fun and happy days. In the evening, a pair of night watchmen walk around the streets and every hour the old watchmen’s songs are sung in front of the Old Town Hall. Restaurants and cafes are buzzing with life. It almost feels like being on vacation yourself.

In the wintertime it is quiet and peaceful here. Ice cream shops, souvenir shops and some of the restaurants are closed. The town is resting after the summer’s busyness.

It is nice too, because all of a sudden, we, the local people, meet each other again in the supermarket, shops or just on the street, for a little chat. Perhaps we meet for the many activities of both sporting and cultural nature, which mostly take place in the wintertime. I hardly need to mention that Ebeltoft covered with snow is beautiful and romantic as a Christmas card and just at Christmas time, the local shops are  doing a lot to decorate the town and make events.

I will on this page show pictures from the town and the area. There are also pictures from my house and garden and finally some of my interests that I as a pensioner have a lot of time to go in for.

Welcome and have a look.

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